64GB Flash Drive

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Just brought two 64GB USB Flash Drives neither work, this is the information I have about them:-

Device Name: +[L:]+USB Composite Device(Generic Flash HS-CF USB Device)

PnP Device ID: VID = 04B8 PID = 0848

Serial Number: 4B5048593034363480

Revision: 4.44

Device Type: Standard USB device -

Chip Vendor: (No match record)

Chip Part-Number: (No match record)

Product Vendor: Generic

Product Model: Flash HS-CF

Tools on Web: (N/A)

Anyone know if they can be repaired or have I just wasted £80

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks


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Jan 21, 2010 at 03:44 AM
Dear Sir,

If you actually bought a damaged pen, you can get back to the seller and

change it. If ever it is a counterfeit flash disk or still if the pen is seriously

damaged, it will be useless to have it repaired. It will be better to purchase

another one.

Thanks in advance.