Cpu temperature over heated

Steven Hong - Sep 19, 2008 at 08:18 PM
 Jaquelin - Nov 23, 2009 at 12:55 AM
i just bought all a new motherboard amd2 64*2 5200+ 2.7ghz & other thing all new at August 2008.
last week I play the game all is ok no ploblem.
but suddenly yesterday I played the game 1 hour more only ..my pc automatic shut off.
after a few minutes I turn on my pc.that shown me cpu temperature over heated.i tried again play another games.... also 1 hour more. samething happened ...then cpu temperature over heat against.
but if I not playing the game just put on it the temperature just arround 40-50.
i checked my heatsink is clean & the cpu fan is still spinning.
what happen ,can some body help me pls.........! ASAP

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I have seen this problem on Gigabyte AM2 mainboards, I had to lower the Vcore on some to get them to be able to run something like prime for any amount of time.

Even fitting lots of case fans they will still overheat if both cores are kept at 100% load for a reasonable period of time.

I have stopped selling Gigabyte mainboards as a result and supply ASUS now, they throttle the CPU back when it is under load to a very low speed if the temp looks like getting high, not a ideal system for gaming but works well for office PC's.

For Gaming PC's I only recommend Intel based systems now due to the above problems.
you could be needing a new fan
I have a similar problem with my amd x2 4200+ - shuts down for no real reason. I too have high temp readings, but the shutdowns can occur when hot or cold - but always happen quicker on a hot day. I do not get any other issues - like hangs, freezes slow downs - pc operates perfectly up until it shuts down.

It is under warranty so took it back to shop twice but it would not shut down there and so they have suggested it is actually the external power quality.

Everyone (IT friends, IT troubleshooting online, IT shops, IT manager at work) suggested it was a heating issue - so first I cleaned it all out without effect, then I upgraded the psu without effect, then everyone thought maybe the heatsink on the cpu so reseated that without effect. Then it was thought maybe the case airflow so I operated the pc open with a room fan blowing in it, without effect.

I live in a very hot area in Australia and apparently we have voltage issues constantly on hot days due to equipment (resistors, capacitors and things) overloading and malfunctioning in the heat. Although other equipment in my house is not affected (including my very old pc) apparently more powerful pcs are more sensitive to these drops in voltage at the mains power and will cause a pc to shut off.

So, I am currently waiting for a very hot day to try it out on a UPS or AVR to see if that helps the issue. In theory it should control the voltage reaching the pc and so it will be happy and not shut down. Will post here again if it does work
Did you ensure that your temerature inside the tower casing (pc box) is below 40 degress celcius? Having a powerful CPU fan cooler won't help much if your casing temperature is 45 to 50 degress.

I installed extra chasis fans on the rear of the box and put fans on the front to blow fresh air into the box.

The disk drives can run up to 70 degrees celcius without the cooling fans.

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My Cousing Had The Same Problem Going On
He Used To Play For An Hour And His Computer Shut Off Out Of No Where
Our Solution Was To Get A New Case! Cooler Master Sniper
A Bigger One With A Better Airflow And That Fixed The Problem
Now He Can Play As Much As He Wants Without Getting Outrageous Temperatures
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Jul 20, 2009 at 10:31 PM
Hi everyone having overheating problem

Try updating your BIOS.
Well I don't know if you got it figured it out by now, if you did good , if not then there are few reasons and solutions for over heating CPU and automatically shutting down.

- when you play games continuously or do some kind of encoding stuff, the processor is engaged, normally processor uses only 50% of its capacity, but if you do high end stuff or play high graphics games, a lot of processor power is used and heat builds up in the processor and near by motherboard. But to counter this processors come with fan mounted on heat conducting metal object to dissipate the heat.

Likely causes are since it is a new computer :

1. The CPU fan is not working efficiently, usually it should spin at 3000 rpm at full loads, but in your case it might have been spinning not more than 1200 rpm.

2. The heat sink material was not properly installed during the processor installation.

3. BIOS settings might be limiting the CPU fan to work at full potential due to acoustic settings.

As a result of which the CPU overheats and temperatures goes up to 85 to 90 degrees Celsius. So as a safety precaution the motherboard is programmed to shutdown the power after the temperature crosses the safety limit of working environment because that much heat can damage parts of motherboard.


1. 70 % of the cases in which motherboard automatically shuts down the power, there will be probably some damaged caused to the motherboard. So check first if your motherboard is fine and doing good.
2. Upgrade your CPU fan with now a days available highly efficient liquid cooling of air cooling solutions for the CPU. In which case your CPU temperature wont rise above 60 - 65 degrees Celsius at full load for even 24 hours and the idle temperature would be around 38 - 45 degrees.

Hope it helps
- suchakradhar
Hi, I'm having pretty much the same problem, except I've got a laptop. It's an Acer Aspire 7520G-603G25Bi, AMD Turion 64 X2 @ 2.2GHz. It seemed like much when I bought it, but due to the fact that it heats so much I can't really do too many things with it. If I let it on the desk, even if I just watch a movie, it would get so hot it might shutdown. The thing is that I bought two laptops, for me and my girlfriend, and she's got the same problem.

So my question is: is there a liquid cooling system for laptops too? Or what other good options do I have?

Thank you for any kind of constructive replies
fr0p > lolinux
Jul 20, 2009 at 03:20 PM
Hi, I have the same laptop with the exact same problem. Temps high as f**k and for no aperant reason my processor is at a 100 % (both my core are at a 100 %). The system runs frustratingly slow and a haven't even started any sort of activity. So I u have found a way to fix this please e-mail me (sim4atata@gmail.com).

Thanks for the effort ;)
o.apiastos > lolinux
Aug 14, 2009 at 10:10 AM
Hi there!!
Before trying anything else (like updating BIOS, blaming the ACER hardware e.t.c.) you should
try removing any dust from your laptop (assuming that you haven't done this already).
You will be surprised with the amount of dust you will find there. You only have to remove the
back cover of your laptop on the right-hand side (4 screws) and afterwards to remove the ventilator
(3 screws and the powerplug) and clean it. If you haven't any experience on how to do this,
there is an excellent step-by-step guide here: http://www.mxm-upgrade.com/7520G.html

Good luck!!!!
CPU heat up and shut down reason for me was bad external power supply . My CPU shutting off at merely 50-57 celcius
solution I tried : I came to know that my Ac input power supply was fluctuating .I checked the and repaired the Fuse on the AC circuit and my problem solved. You all can also check this.
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Sep 20, 2008 at 06:16 AM
hey there,

can you tell me what psu do you have actually and if the pc is really over heating why dont you want to have recourse to water cooling system?

do you want some information about water cooling system?
yesterday I had going to repair shop change cpu heatsink and cpu fan to a bigger one!
That technician advise me!
After changed , I realized my cpu temperature at around 45-55 without playing game.
When playing game "THE LOST PLANET" around 55-70....is it normal temperature when running a game(played 3 hours more)?
PSU stand for "Power Supply Unit"?
i only knew my power supply is "ION 500W"
what is water cooling system?can let me see the information?
it be curious why I used 1 month before is ok?Why got this problem now?the parts all under warranty!
barwen > Steven Hong
Jan 9, 2009 at 12:39 PM
I have been having problems with my laptop shutting down with no warning, repeatedly, and thought it might be mother board related so took it to a service centre. They couldn't find a problem and it never shut down on their watch. After the second time of them being able to run it continuously the only thing I can think of is temperature overheating. I now have my laptop sitting on a cake rack to lift it further off the bench. If ambient temperature of the room has increased so will your problems - is it summer? A suggestion is run fan across or use heat sink of some type. Hope this helps.
its better if u use cpuidle for cooling your cpu