E6400 bluetooth driver chip not found

 Landshark2010 -
Hi everyone, I working with dell latitude e6400 with win 7. when I just got it, it had win xp installed on and bluetooth worked well. after upgrading to win 7 operating system just cant find the bluetooth chip.
No matter which driver or bluetooth software I'm installing I always get the same message of "turn bluetooth on" or "bluetooth chip cannot be found on computer". I think that when I had xp I somehow disabled it and when I moved to win 7 it was still disabled thats why the operating system cant find it.

Please help.. I just cant seem to understand how to make my computer recognize my bluetooth hardware.

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Thanks for the quick reply suff954,
The thing is that I actually tried almost every driver exist for bluetooth in dell website. I even tried some that were not compatible to operating system just to check if they could trigger my bluetooth device. I also tried the bluesoil and it gave me the "cannot start device.. bluetooth chip was not found on computer" message.
I have absolutely no idea what to do next...

Hi there,

You must install compatible driver for windows 7,download it from official Dell website on link below if available or you can use bluesoleil:



Try booting into BIOS settings by pressing F2 during boot. There should be a network setting somewhere to choose if Bluetooth is turned on or off.