Keeping the same font colour

 luddite -
Every time i open a window or a document the font is a different color... sometimes purple, sometimes green... i want it always black, but have to do that manually every time, can i make it black default every time?

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Dear Sir,

If you find that the font color keeps on changing everytime, please set it to automatic colour in order to have the problem fixed.

Thank you.
thank you, dist;urbed.

that didnt work. i think it is a function of the display options of ASUS and windows seven. i've fiddled and discovered the screen text changes with theme and colour management. oddly, it doesnt seem to affect printing, although the text may be lime green on my Word document,[ugh] it prints black.
so i've changed back to the 'classic windows' display and all is as it should be.
thanks again for your time and trouble.