Itune always wants to delete my apps on iphon

kenya0514 - Feb 3, 2010 at 01:28 AM
 OmgOmgOMg123 - Aug 1, 2011 at 05:54 AM

i have a problem when using itune.

i connect my iphone to itune, and under "summary" label, i choose automatically sync when this iphone is connected and Manually mange music and videos. and under other labels such as applications, music, podcast...i dont tick sync...
but now, every time if i want to change the sync setting of like app or music or else, itune will pop up a message and warn me: " are you sure you want to sync? all existing contents will be deleted on your iphone...."
just now, i made a ringtune and wanted to sync to my iphone, but once i click sycn under ringtone, itune give me the same message" are you sure you want to sync? all app will be deleted....."
why is that?

3 responses

what you do is:

1. Go to your itunes, look for your ipod bar on your left...
2. Right-click your ipod/iphone icon and look for 'transfer purchase'
3. then you can sync back your ipod/iphone without loosing your apps.

Good luck and enjoy!

You are the man! I was ready to give up and restore the iphone but this worked like a charm!!
yea um i put itunes on another computer and now i have put it on my laptop and i got these songs off youtube and i want to put them on using my laptop um if i transfer the files will it delete all my apps
idk if this is even a problem any more..but i draged "music" to my ipod and it transferd with out wanting to delete everything
i have the same problem...i checked the other websites...and they're no help...most of my apps have been removed...i can't find them in my iPhone or in iTunes...I tried to sync my photos but it always asks me if I'm sure if i want to sync cause if i do all my apps will be deleted...