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I have as a second pc a dell dimension 8100. My hardrive is a Seagate ST320413a 20Gb. I am attemptingto completely format this (I think it is refered to as logical format...may me wrong) and use a secondry drive. The problem occurs when I try to format using 'My computer' right click format. I then re-installed windows xp which was fine, however files and program files still remained on the c drive. Please help in advising how to completey format the drive (NTFS) ..... could it be an issue with hidden partitions?

Please help.

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hello buddy,

have you tried formatting the pc using windows cd?

this is quite a strange problem that you have but nevertheless if you are trying to format the drive where windows is installed then it wont let you do that.
Thank you

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Thanks for getting back to be. Seagate apparently said that windows does cause some problems in formatting their drives. I did a complete reboot from cd install and it appears to have done the trick.