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I'm trying to copy values from one sheet to the other in excel via use of a macro. The data is in rows, and is there anyway that I can program the macro so that it copies the data onto the next row whenever the row above it is occupied. (As you can see I'm new to Visual Basic Code)

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i think i might be trying to do a similar task. this is what i tried, if it doesnt help, please disregard as i too am new to vb.
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i want that when i copy the specified rows it paste in colums but after specified colum it paste to next row till spcified colum and so on.
1. Copy the cells from sheet 1.
2. Select the top cell of the first column in sheet 2
3. Open Find & Replace (Ctrl + F)
4. Open the options in Find & Replace and change "search by rows" to "search by columns"
5. Leave the value you're searching for blank.
6. Click "Find Next"
7. Paste special (values only)

Only works if you have no other blank cells above the cell you want to paste into.
yes that can work if you put any letter or alphabet on other cells on excel and hide those unnecessary cells.
you cant you have to insearch a new row when you record the macro then inseart it baby
You could ofcourse use the "Use relative reference", but that means that the selected cell cannot be moved on the sheet you are copying to.