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I have got dates typed in the format following 01.08.98 and I want to change it to 01/08/1998 format. I tried applying the format we have in excel format cell date format but nothing is happening.

Please help me on this.
System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0
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approved by Ratnendra Ashok on Jan 4, 2019
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  • Just use replace function under EDIT/REPLACE or press Ctrl+H.
  • Replace the . (dot) by a forward slash / .
  • Then you will be able to change the format.
  • If not, copy the result and paste it again in the column to force Excel to recalculate cells.

Good luck.

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This worked best for me - it seems like a regular issue!
This worked great ! Thank you so much !
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Hi , please use data text to columns to seprate the values and the use the date function to create the format you desire.
I want to know how shall I change the date in Microsoft SQL server database.
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If it is in YYYYMMDD format
select the column go to DATA TAB
select text to columns
give two next and in third one select date radio button and select YMD format this will be converted to D/M/YYYY format dont get panic
now select the same row with d/m/yyyy format and right click and select fomat cells in that select date in locale select english(u.k) browse for any date option on top and select it....
simple now YYYYYMMDD converted to YYYY-MM-DD

Balaji Raghunathan
works the best! thank you
This is great !

thankx a lot. This has saved a lot of time.
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Use replace all function... Replace all '.' with '-'.
The format will change.
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Instead of 01.05.2010 I need 01/05/2010. But while typing 01/05/2010 it takes 5th date of Jan mont h year as 2010.So how to do this pls help me.