C: drive dilemna! :S

treelobster - Oct 18, 2008 at 03:11 AM
 treelobster - Oct 19, 2008 at 10:21 AM
Hi there,
this is probably a silly thing that a silly girl can't do but hey- i can't do it!
my ex boyfriend totally ruined my computer, he put a partition in it and so i have two drives
the c drive has 5 gb potential and the e drive 27 gb
i have only 43 mb left on the c drive and 3 gb left on the e drive
i dont understand what is on my c drive, and if i can move it to the e drive in order to free up space. as far as im aware all of my photos and stuff like that are on the e drive
and only programs are on the c ( i think)
basically im not too sure how to manage my computer now and is in a critical condition
another thing is i used to drag a file somewhere and it moved there but now when i drag it it makes a copy which i hate!
how do i change that!
Please help my computer used to be so great!

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rakeshr476 Posts 8 Registration date Thursday May 15, 2008 Status Member Last seen April 6, 2009 2
Oct 18, 2008 at 09:54 AM
you cant do that buddy unless you do a complete full format of your pc because the space that you have on c is allocated to windows and all the setups you do on the pc. alternative ly you can do something is to try to uninstall some softwares on the hard drive c and then install them on the hard drive d
ok thanks, maybe i can uninstall i tunes and then install it on the other drive? will my music be alright if i do that?
also, how do i do a complete full format of my pc? what is a complete full format? can i take it to a shop to do that for me?
can you?! i'll pay ya!!! woo hoo!
thanks so much for replying!