Hard crash recovery

 Jordana -
My computer was hard crashed...when my boyfriend turned on the computer in the morning, half the programs were missing...even icons disappeared. He reinstalled windows vista. Now all my files are listed as old windows and I can't access any of them. The computer says all audio devices are working, but I have no sound and the computer doesn't recognize my USB wireless. I plugged it in after running the CD, but it kept saying adapter not in. Can I recover my pictures, downloads and other programs.

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Did your computer got virus or trojan attack thus made half the programs missing? If so there is no point in reinstalling the system because the problem has occurred and your files have lost. Now please do a full check of your system first to see why or what caused.

As with your lost pictures and other important files, they are highly possible to be recovered by relying on data recovery technology. But please don't save sizeable new files to the drive in case the original data are overwritten. Then you can free download the trial version of Wondershare Data Recovery to scan to see if your lost ones can be found and then perform recovery. Free download here, http://www.disk-utilities.com/data-recovery/index.html

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Hi there,

Definitely you can recover them all back on your system even after formatting,which is done by using recovery softwares,get it downloaded from link below:


I doubt if the recovery softwares are effective. I hear they are so tedious and damn expensive. I don't think am ready to part with tons of dollars.

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