Can not access network %AppData% error-iTunes

PC - May 23, 2010 at 02:21 PM
 Aroel - May 18, 2011 at 11:54 PM
I am having problem downloading iTunes on my computer. I had iTunes on my computer but then I created another profile and that messed it up. I removed iTunes from my computer and tried downloading it again. Everytime I do that, when it reaches the 'installing Quicktime" part, it gives me the error message "Can not access network %AppData% "

Can someone help me?

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If you have that problem, you can go this website:
thank you very much! your link is very much helpful and actually what i have been looking for! :-)
Thanks it worked for me!!!!!!! thnk a lot
Awesome!! I have been having trouble for like a month. I can finally sync my new i phone 4. Thanks Sooooooo Verrrryyyy Much. God Bless You.
Thanks a lot it's working for us as well.
Thx for you attentein...titit
Strange enough when I logged in as "guest" and then switched to my login, without loggin off from guest profile (but just switching user), I was able to download iTunes again. Not that I have been able to sync it with my iTouch since it seems to have some version issue, which I will deal with later. But all the applications seem to be working now.
I have no idea what fixed it but that's what worked for me.

Good luck!
dude shocking but it worked for me as well

thnx man