Comp does not function in normal mode

 Thomas -
Hello, I have a big problem with my computer. I went on a trip, and when I came back and turned my computer on I discovered that it was not working. When i have my icons and start bar and such, I can click to open, but nothing OPENS. when I try and do ctrl + alt +dlt, it beeps at me.

If I try and do something in the task bar, the computer freezes and stays that way. i have to turn it off by pulling the plug.

When it turns back on again, I have only my wallpaper, no icons, not task bar, nothing. I have ran virus scans, I've disc defragmented, system restored, EVERYTHING I can possibly do in safe mode.... safe mode works fine, but nothing else does. Nothing opens, nothing works..... I have tried to edit the reg files, but the explorer.exe or iexplorer.exe is not located in the registry. i have to do all my problem fixing in safe mode, but normal mode still does not work. Please help

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Try opening in safe mode and troubleshoot the problem. Also make sure that the computer is not infect with rootkits or other malware.

Run a good antivirus program (before you connect to internet) froma cd/dvd and ensure that traces of rootkits or viruses, if any, are removed

Then, If you are on genuine windows you can free download microsoft security essentials and use it. If not, you can also check other free antivirus software like avg, avast etc. and decide on the one that suits your pc usage.