Increase bitorrent download speed

 Raj -

i have bittorrent... it works in bsnl broad band 750 plan(kerala). and also in xp service pack 3... i want to increase the speed of this bit torrent... its avg speed shown is 45kb\s. so will u please help me to solve my problem...

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Dear Anooj,

The connection speed is coming from the proxy settings that you are using, please contact your network provider in order to get the problem solved.

Thank you.
Dear Anooj,
You are using BSNL that doesn't mean that you are directly connected to the HUB.
And you cannot even ask your network provider to increase the speed , because we all know the service and the speed of BSNL .
So please forget about the speed just your internet, if you network is connected regularly...
Thank you .