I cant dlt net messenger service from my pc.

 Cody -

i have downloaded net messenger service and everytime i open my pc the messenger sings me in automaticly. i've tryied to delete it but i cant find in my pc....how can i delete it?

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I found an answer. It worked very smooth and removed it completely in 2 seconds! This is what you do, To remove it completely:

* Click Start, Run and copy and paste the line below:

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

* Click OK
* DONE! Thats all i did, and it removed it. Found the information from another site and it worked perfectly. Hope this helps.
Thank you

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It's probably a Windows feature and needs to be deleted from there. go to control panel, add or remove programs, add/remove windows components. then remove windows messenger.

Good Luck
i have the same problem, and when u click delete, it says it will only delete the shortcut and to go to add/remove programs, But it is not in the add/remove programs list. Any help? Thanks.