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 dj shano -
Hello, does overclocking actually help it go faster or just confuse the sh]*^& outa the computer for ex im oc 2.66 to 3.00 and its still sittin at 37 degress can i go faster (should i ) it wont damage any thing will it and im only overclcking by fsb I KNOW I SHOULD GO GET A QUAD CORE] but until then plz help me get more nuts from my computer

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If you have gone from 2.66 to 3.0 then it might be best to stop there. When you reach the limit on overclocking the PC will hang or just reboot randomly. It may corrupt your copy of Windows or your data files. So you may have to reinstall Windows. If this is your only computer or you have business files on it you should be very conservative with overclocking.

Good Luck
thanks for the advice i will stop there then cheers heaps