Epson Stylus cx4800 General Error

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After clearing a paper jam, the printer lights up like a christmas tree indicating a general error "E". I'm convinced there is no paper residue left. However, I tried to take it apart to make sure. I was unsuccessful with taking it apart. I know it will cost more to repair than purchase a new one. Any suggestions on taking it apart and verifying there is no paper residue or getting to the cause of the general error? Help.

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My problem solved to follow these steps
1.Using the on/off switch on the printer turn it on and off multiple times.
2.Unplug the printer from the power source and leave it unplugged for a couple of hours.
3.remove the software for the printer unplug it from power with your printer manual in hand follow EXACTLY the instructions to reinstall the printer.
Hope someone also get help from here.
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When you reset or plug back power to it does the error disappear?is the cover closed properly?please give more information.