Conditional formatting before color sorting! [Solved/Closed]

 carman -
I used conditonal formatting to select and color some data, and now i want to apply color sorting to rearrange the data.

However, it seems like excel can no longer detect the color after i use conditional formatting. I tried several codes that i could find in google but none of them worked. Does that mean color sorting cannot be used if i use conditional formatting?What other method can i sort the data by color ( i just got 2 color to sort!)?


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Dear Carman,

Please provide clear information about which application you are talking about for us to be able to help you about it.

Thank you.
I am sorry.. i am talking about Excel, VBA scripts is what i am looking for to complete the task.
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Only way i can think of that you put a column that will be based on formula of your conditional format. Then you can use the sort.
If you go by this method, then I would suggest, dont use the formula in both places. Have the conditional format based on this newly added column
It works! Thanks!

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