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 Ahmad Tarmizi Talib -

my pendrive been infected by virus, so, the ms word document permanently can I make it unhidden? Thanks!

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it's too simple buddy....

just open ur pendrive and go to tools\folder option\view....

there u will find hidden files option...
just check on "show the hidden files"

all the files and folder which are hide on the pendrive will be shown...

thankyou for ur problem....
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i believe you need to do this manually using command prompt.
press (window button + R),
this will bring up new windows "Run".
Type cmd there.
another new windows "Command Prompt" will appear.
in the command prompt go to your pendrive's directory.
let's assume the pendrive is E: for this example.
(you may want to open up my computer in case you don't know which letter is your pendrive's)

in command prompt type the following (press enter after each line):
attrib -s -h *.doc /S /D
attrib -s -h *.docx /S /D

there. problem should be solved.

p/s: in windows 7 case you need to run "cmd" as administrator