Heeeeeelp me with me computer

hannah12008 - Dec 7, 2008 at 09:06 AM
 Shipwrecked - Dec 7, 2008 at 10:04 AM

i keep trying to get on a web site but it wont let me. it will let me on any other site except the one i want.

please email me if u can solve my pc problem its driving me crazy

thanx ,

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(Disclaimer: I fall into the category of antique flatulence, so my answer may not be completely up to date, but here is a stab at it.)

The fact that you can reach other sites, but not this one tells me only that your network connectivity is good and your computer is on. However, there is more pertinent information that you need to provide regarding your experience.

1. What address are you trying to get to? (copy and paste the address for accuracy)(By providing this information, it allows others to test from their PCs to determine if it is just your equipment, service provider, parental control, etc.)
2. What address are you arriving at? (ditto)
3. Do you receive a message? If so, what is it, specifically?
4. Might there be logic that states that you should not access it? Does the site require a log in ID, perhaps? Could you be blocked by parental control, IT security (working from within a school network), or something like that?
5. Have you done something to irritate the Internet gods, perhaps? (jk ;)

Answer these questions and you are more likely to get the information that you require in a timely manner. If I can provide further assistance or irritation, I will do so. Good luck.

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