Nokia 5130 format problem Code not accepted.Maybe due to low phone

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Hello, I need to format my nokia 5130 Xpress Music. When I select option to restore all factory settings it does not accept the code 12345, 0000, 1234, 123456. I never changed my code. If done mistakenly, how to restore original security code? My phone memory is getting low although no content in it except for system files and application. When anything deleted, the total phone memory decreases instead of free memory. Plz help. BuG

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If the default security is not being accepted then its been definitely been changed by someone,if you purchased the handset as second hand type then contact the dealer and have the new password or get to a mobile phone repair center to have the password be reset with along a proof of ownership of the handset,no help is provided on forum for resetting mobile phone security password,you can refer to Faq for more information:

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