My computer is really screwed

Kurt - Dec 12, 2008 at 07:58 PM
 Kurt - Dec 12, 2008 at 09:40 PM
i have a preloaded computer, i shouldn't but I do. anyways, there is something that probably is an extremely advanced virus on it. what happens is that first if my computer gets turned off, I have to power down and power back up on regularly about 7 times before i get my password to get into xp, and even then sometimes i get stuck with just my desktop back drop on my screen. every about seems to be 15-20 minutes a windows firewall pops up saying Spyware.ISpynow is running, and redirects me to some microsoft certifed anti-virus program website (i'm thinking that company loaded this super virus onto my computer to peddle their junk). I have to double click at least 5 times to get on Firefox. I went and paid for Defend Pro 5-1 and it whatever is on my computer lets me get about 1% through the scan and then boots me off, and it will not let me update it. I cannot restore to a previous date, the computer is borked and did not come with a recovery disk, another thing i should probably take Gateway to court for, but for now i just want it fixed so i can get up and back to doing my normal things again.

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if all the option is close then format ur computer
never came with a copy of xp, gotta love how they sell premade computers huh....the first and last time i'll do that