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when I go to open ms word or ms excel computer ask for file. I have no cd of office 2003. please help

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Hey Rajalakshmi!

At first I thought "What the hell is this person talking about?"...
Soon I realised that I was the one who made a mistake. I changed the wrong directory...*kicking myself in the ass*

thanks for the solution

greets from Vienna, Austria!
After a couple of hours of frustration I found your solution to the problem. It works thank you
so much!!
I was plagued with that problem for months, it made booting up the computer a painful, but I followed the directions, which were simple and direct, and that took care of the problem. Thank you very much!!
thnks pal it works very well you had saved lots of time . man keep it up good work
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if it still does'nt work then try this easiest way

Go to Add or Remove in Control Panel and click on Remove option on your MS Office edition
it will respond a Repair option, just click on Repair and you are done
it works!
Thank You! Thank YOU!!
It worked and it saved me a huge head ache!!!!!

Rajalakshmi's hints worked! thanks!
Dude! Thanks so much. My office computer that was set up for me with the new Office products was done and the install disk kept by the person who installed it. So, I was having to open Word and Excel twice every time I wanted a document opened. But, your tip here took care of it and now I can get right in!!! Thanks so much for helping with the headache!

do the registy edit, and if you still can't get past other files (like E256 or something along those lines) then go here:

best luck!