Gateway LX6810-01 (vista) system recovery

Help!! - Oct 9, 2010 at 11:15 AM
 Ronnie - Feb 13, 2011 at 12:29 PM

Hi I am really very technical when it comes to computers. Can someone help me. I am trying to restore to factory system setting and I have bought the recovery CD's from gateway but my computer does not read them. Is there an easier way to recover my system or is there something I need to do to get my darn computer to read the recovery CD's?

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I'm having the same exact issue. Changed boot to DVD drive, software starts copying files, gets to 1% total completion then nothing! I even tried other store bought copies of Vista and then it tells me I'm missing drivers. A bootleg copy of Windows 7 loads fine but I'm trying to do this legit and load it back to factory to no avail!
I'm having the exact same issue. The computer was not recognizing the System Disc at all. I think their DVDs are bad, or poorly burned. I was able to copy the System Disc (1/1) onto another disc, and now it's bootable. Then I got further along in the process where it asked for the Recovery Disc (1/2), but it would not recognize it all, so I made a copy of that one. Repeat earlier steps and finally insert the first Recovery Disc (copy 1/2), but it never loads! I left it on for two days, and it loaded 0%. It just sat there for days with 0% loaded.

I contacted support via chat on the site, and it was suggested to me that I needed to send an email about this topic, which I've done, but haven't heard anything back. It's very frustrating to have purchased this media and it not work!

I am attempting to reinstall "Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit" on a Gateway LX6810 Desktop. The hard drive completely crashed to an unrecoverable state, so the F10 trick won't work for me, as the new hard drive does not contain the recovery partition.

Very, very frustrating!
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Oct 9, 2010 at 11:40 AM

I think you inserted cd and trying to launch recovery from my computer,if so then wrong.Access bios setup during boot and change your boot sequence from Hard disk/floppy to cd/dvd drive->save and exit bios by pressing F10,you will be prompted to press any key to boot from cd ,do it and next steps will be mentioned on screen.

Good luck
Found another post that claims hitting the alt and F10 repeatedly will get you to factory reinstall, not sure what he ment
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Nov 2, 2010 at 06:37 AM

Post the thread or link you find it and also describe your issue you are facing with model of pc and specs .,