WM8505 300MHz Mini Netbk not booting [Solved/Closed]

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My WM8505 300MHz Mini Netbook is not booting anymore:

Please help me, I tried to reload that Android OS (Demo) and towards the end (at the "file system set up") it froze and now it's seems to be dead?
I mean it turns on and off OK (light on the left visible), but it doesn't reload or show anything. I turned it on and then pressed the RESET PB switch on the bottom of the PC, but nothing changed. What else should I try?? I wished there would be a utility, which flashes the Nand memory.

The problem with China stuff is that they don't offer help... such as in cases like this. I don't think it's something serious. Yet, if I don't find a solution... the only other thing is to throw it away and regret having wasted my money on this China made product.
Thanking you in advance for your kind responds and help. Regards, Joh from Chile

[b]PS:[/b] Now I load the "script" via my Garmin GPS onto SD Card. Is there a way of transferring data onto the SD card from my Desktop PC?
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Thank you
I suppose there's no help...
Yes there is defibitely help. Download the Slate droid 1.6 from the internet. Unzip the compressed file onto your SD card and insert into SD slot of your netbook and switch on with power connected. Your netbook will come back to life. It is not dead. It will never die. Take my word.. You will definitely need the help of a desktop pc for that.
Thank you
Thanking you for your encouragement... but I tried all tricks and nothing brought it back to load any program again. I have no doubt that it is not "broken", yet since there's no service or help available... it's wasted money.

I then contacted the Chinese eBay seller and he told me to return it to him and that he is willing to refund me the purchase price.
Of course the tax duty of USD 30 and return shipping of USD 18$ are my losses in this deal!
Lesson learned: In future I will think twice (trice +) before trusting Chinese "novelties" over $30 from China on eBay. Also, I need to do far more research (in how other purchasers went) before deciding to buy such an item.