My itunes store isn't working properly!

SHexxieBAbe - Dec 29, 2008 at 12:14 PM
 ally - Jul 15, 2010 at 12:26 PM
i have itunes and it is working properly and everything except when I try to import a cd it starts to import but after it has imported I have to write out all the tracks and albums etc. But also when I try to connect to the store... it says: 'Itunes could not connect to the itunes store. The network connection timed out.' I have re-installed itunes and re-downloaded it as well but it still doesnt work. I have all my settings correct and internet is working but I dont
understand why it is not working!!!

Can Someone Please help me!!! I am getting seriously tierd of typin out each cd track and I want to get new music and games for my new ipod that I got this christmas. if u help me ur a real star!! lol

Vikki xxxxxx Thankz xxxxxx

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I found this on another site and it fixed my problem:

Opened iTunes. Clicked on Preferences and under Parental Controls disabled access to the iTunes Store. I then checked the box to allow access to iTunes U.
When I tried loading the store this time, it sent me directly to iTunes U with no problem.
I then went back into Preferences and enabled access to everything and tries reloading the store.

Voila. I can now connect to the whole store with no problems. Strange
Your fix worked. Thanks for your post.

This was driving me crazy for 4 days. Your post worked like a charm...thanks!
Great job, thanks
Your fix worked for me...why does MS and Apple make things so difficult.
you are the bomb!! I have tried everything and this just turned up on a google search! thanks thank thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a similar problem. I found that because I had started to use a proxy server for IE but not for Mozilla I could connect to the internet with Firefox but not with the iTunes store. The solution was to uncheck the use of the proxy server in IE. Then iTunes can connect.
Thanks so much - I tried this and it worked :D
Woooohoooo thank so much stratoj... Finally got it back hehe
Thank you so much
how do I do so with norton security??
Hey, I think I might know the answer to your problem. Mine wasn't working either. I didn't realize though that my virus protection (Blink Personal) was blocking access, therefore if you have a virus protector click on it, scroll until you find itunes-will be in programs, and click/unclick the block sign-may be in a different form though, so fiddle around with it.
Hope it helps!
Check your LAN settings. I have Firefox and Internet Explorer. I use Mozilla but Internet Explorer was set as my default, remove that setting and it will start to work.
This worked for me! Thanks!!!
thanks, unchecked proxy in IE and started working. Thanks u so much!
This did it for me.
how do you go into LAN settings??

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I had this issue after upgrading to the newest itunes. Turned out to be a proxy server issue. See the easy fix here:
Thank you so much. That link helped me :)
This worked PERFECTLY for me. Thanks for ending my 2 hours of suffering!!!
Thanks, finally someone who knows what they are talking about
try downloading the latest itunes update
Thank you for the post I can finally by songs again!!!!!!
It worked. Someone should tell Apple.
sorry hun same thing happens to me and still yet to find an answer wish I knew realy starting to annoy me try google and tell me if you find anything
You are a genius!!!!! thank you so much :)
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Mar 24, 2010 at 09:29 AM

I did all steps you provided, but It still did not work. If anybody worked, please let me know how did you do

have you downloades the latest itunes
I had the same problem when I updated to the newest itunes. Took me a while, but I found out it was a proxy server issue. Check out this link for the solution that worked for me!
Thanks for asking this question, and "irishpajamas" thanks for the link. It worked like a charm :)
Right ok.....the reason your import issue isnt workin is becasuse who may have inserted smthing else b4 and then you clicked the ticked box at the bottom. But for now. go on settings and try to find smthing wich allows you to untick boxes you dont want....however about the internet thing....i am supposing that the compani that gives you internet has blocked u alllowing on that program either of high usage.....have a look!!!

anything else!!

(i know I wasnt a good help)
English please.
ugh I dont know whats gping on. I need help!
go here for a complete list of solutions...
that usually happens when your internet isnt plugged in... both the downloading of the music and the itunes store thing - if your internet is working though.. I dunno whats wrong ... sorry :/