How to instalk or download flashplayer in nokia 2690 mobile.

 Sheikh Junaid Yawar -
Hello,,i am mir fida. I am not able to watch videos,movies etc.downloaded through internet.when I download any flashplayer through internet to watch videos,then message is displaced on my screen that,"this file does not support file formate".i want to watch videos through internet.if u could suggest me the procedure for successfully downloading the flv player for my nokia 2690 mobile.i,ve got 2gb memory card in my mobile.plz suggest me the procedure for downloading or installing flashplayer for my nokia 2690 mobile.thanks

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All the applications for mobile phones can be downloaded using the links below entering model of mobile then you will get list of available applications for model,follow below:

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I am also facing this problem however u can download Opermini 5.1 and watch You tube videos on it as well as MP4 and 3gp directly from internet