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Can 3D movies be downloaded? Can they be watched on a computer or played on a dvd player? What do I need to do or have? I think a special specks are needed.....
I have Windows XP with Mozilla Firefox.


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Dec 2, 2010 at 01:27 PM

First you should understand that you can't watch 3d movies on a normal computer screen or TV...you'll need some special screen + 3d glasses. In layman's term, in 3D movie the image frames are displayed several layers and the role of the screen and 3d glasses are to combine the different layers to give out a clean 3D view.

There are several 3d Flat-screen TV and Blu-ray player (Sony, Panasonic) that can fulfill this role, but they aren't cheap!!

As for the PC:

Nvidia has launched 3D vision products, which consist of the necessary software (drivers and applications) and hardware (Graphic cards) , designed specifically to meet the needs of 3D pc's and laptops (HP envy.... )
Same as for the TV, they will cost you some bucks!!

As for downloading 3D movies...think about it , do you have enough bandwidth to download 25-50 Gb of data (one single movie).

Note that : Nintendo has recently revealed the[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_3DS 3DS gaming console]...and personally I don't know when it will be available or even if it will be worthy (but still it's may be a good alternative).

Conclusion: if you want to go 3D in 2011, you need to start saving some money!

Hope it helps!!!