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Five Nights in Anime 3 (or Five Nights in Anime Ultimate Location) is an indie survival video game and the sequel to Five Nights in Anime and Five Nights in Anime 2. As usual, you will have to monitor all the sexy anime animatronics of the facility from your office. This time, more animatronics are alive, and you will have to pay more attention as there are new gameplay features and behavior.


As usual in the Five Nights in Anime series, you will be a night watcher at Freddy’s Anime Convention for five nights. You will always have to monitor all the sexy and malicious anime animatronics from 12 AM to 6 PM. Use your flashlight and your cameras to make sure no one is tempted to come too close to make you die of pleasure.

This is the third title of the series, the other installments are Five Nights in Anime and Five Nights in Anime 2.


  • Survive: You have to survive five nights monitoring all the sexy but evil animatronics of the facility featuring Ballora, Bonnet, Fredbear, Funtime Chica, El Chip, Helpy, The Pupper, Rockstar Bonnie, Rockstar Freddy, Scrap Baby, Shadow Bonnie, Spring-Bonnie. The challenge is different this time, you will have to be clever and pay attention to them or have a “hard time” with them.
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  • Pay attention: There are two lateral rooms with special animatronics you will have to keep at bay. In addition, there is a front room where any animatronics can come from if you don’t use your flashlight and eight rooms you can monitor using your cameras. So please do not forget anything and learn how they behave unless you want one of these sexy-evil things to catch you.
  • Manage your resources: You will have to manage your power supply each night, or your lights will turn off if you run out of it. Make sure to reload your battery from time to time from the camera view, or you will get into trouble.
  • Scrap Baby: Scrab Baby is under maintenance in your office. But don’t get fooled because she will come closer if you don’t look at her. So make sure to monitor her from time to time, and you will keep her at bay, otherwise, well, she will come for you.
  • Ballora: Ballora is like Scrab Baby, always behind you, but she will keep dancing as long as her music plays. Make sure to visit her and wind up her music so that she never quits her scene to visit you.
  • Bonnet: Bonnet is a little animatronic rabbit that starts sitting on your office desk. You will have to keep her asleep, or she will steal your precious flashlight for a few moments.
  • More narrative: The Phone Girl is a former facility employee and will give you phone calls at the beginning of every night shift. She will help you survive and tell you about the girls and their former hot relationships.
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Graphics and sound

The game features nice-looking cartoon-style graphics, and the OST and the audio feedback are good and succeed in creating a scary and tight atmosphere.

Duration and game modes

Like the other FNiA titles, Five Nights in Anime 3 offers a solo adventure you can complete in a few hours or more if you want to enjoy the view and take the time to discover all the naked jumpscares of every animatronic.

What do the reviews say?

Even though only a demo is available, it seems the community has welcomed the game and the new mechanics that were added.

Age rating

Although Five Nights 3 in Anime has no official PEGI rating, it can be considered suitable for an adult audience because it contains suggestive scenes.

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