How to see youtube on micromax q75 ? [Solved/Closed]

 Mahajan -
Hello, this is abhay I m havin micromax q75. but when I m going to use youtube; mobile displyz format not saportz....why?
i tried to dawnload flashplayer bt it download in folder bt it dosnt work in mobile plz help me....

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HI change setting in video player in network option
Thank you

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ya bro. I have a solution >>>>>
go to your video player > network profile > gprs or wi fi> select it and in connectivity change your network profile gprs or wi fi >
go and enjoy youtube videos

Thanks dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i tried ur solution but I dont found gprs and wifi in network profile but I found profile1,2 ...5.
now what should I do . PlZ help me
also there is no network profile in connectivity. Did you mean WAP>>setting>>profile>>gprs/wifi
hello sunil plz explains the steo
thanks yaar. you saved my balance from running out. god give you another micromax
Hi Sunil,

Thanks a lot for the information..
Thnx for the information.