Unable to call on Sciphone i9 [Solved/Closed]

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I bought a sciphone i9 and I am unable to make calls.
When I press the call button after dialing the number 3 messages appear consecutively. First is unable to connect, second is sending ss, third is error sending ss.
Can anybody help me please.

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Mobile software seems to be corrupted or sim card is network locked.Get to the seller of the mobile phone and request him to set the mobile for you ask for a new one,

Good luck
Is there anything I can do in Engineer mode? Or could I upload some new firmware? Taking it back to the shop is not a possability since I bought it in Vietnam.


Its recommended that you take it to a repair center and have the needful done if you want to try on on own then take the risk after that if everything goes wrong the solution will be the same .

Good luck
restore to factory settings ! the code is 1122 :)