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 Armando -
Hello, My name is Mando

how to tell excel cell A1=B1 and say if we get A1 then its this???

A is a number that we have registered as a working date and B1 is a Date but if i say the working date is 703 it will automatically display the date in this case is 1/3/2012?????

please help

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LEt me explain what im doing that way it can make sence, I am creating a calendar in excel that has a certain amount of working days so i just was to type in a working day and display its working date ex: working day 703 corresponds to 1/3/2012 so A1= 703; B1= 1/3/2012

how do i tell excel that A1=B1 so If B1 is shown in cell D85 then display A1 in the cell right next to it which is E85????

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