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Kernel for Excel Repair is a software for recovering and repairing corrupted Excel files.

What is Kernel for Excel Repair?

Kernel for Excel Repair is a utility tool to repair your XLS and XLSX files created by Microsoft Excel or all Microsoft Office Suite. As it is robust and versatile, it successfully your corrupted pieces of data.

What are the key features Kernel for Excel Repair?

  • Repairs and recovers corrupted Excel files instantly, no matter what the size of the file is.
  • Kernel for Excel Repair scans thoroughly the damaged file and recovers its contents such as texts, hyperlinks, formulas, graphs, comments, etc.
  • It is possible to repair multiple Excel documents in batches simultaneously.
  • Kernel for Excel Repair also includes a feature for previewing recovered data. In this way, the user can select only what he really needs and leave the rest.
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Is it free?

This is a free trial version. If you like the program, you can purchase the full license for $49.

Is it safe?

It is considered safe to use. You can consult the service privacy policy for more information.

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