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becky - Jan 7, 2009 at 11:41 AM
 becky - Jan 7, 2009 at 06:20 PM
i was wounding if you could help me as i need to get my profile back to normal as one day i was on my laptop and it was working fine then i logged off and went back on a few hours later and when i logged on it said that i was loggin me on to an other profile for the time been and i dont no why this happened but its been like this for few month now and it still says it and i havnt got my profile back to normal also when i go on this profile it wont save any of my work or let me save anything on such as pictures and things like that i was wounder if u had any ideas how i can fix this please help me.

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Jan 7, 2009 at 12:02 PM
The Profile that you are talking about might be the account on which you are working on your computer. Is there an administrator account on the computer? If you are under the admin account then you can change your profile as well as the other ones on the computer and thus be able to alter the profile feature that will allow you to save or prevent you to save several files/folders on them.

To be able to set your profile as before, go to the control panel and select user accounts. When done, pick the account that you had before (the profile) and alter any features that you might need. But most importantly, if this is your account, choose to set it as the administrator account so that you wont be logged out some other day. For this you can choose "Change accout type".
i am on an administrator account and yes i can change my profile no 1 else goes on my computer so i havnt got any other accounts. and it is alreadly on administrator account but 1 day when i logged on it said it was loggin me onto an other profile this was before the computer had even swtiched on it has been like this for a while now do u have any other ideas please? if not i myt have to take it in to the shop and ask in there as they might no whats wrong with this.