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Hi to all!
I've had several problems with my Windows Explorer. The opening or saving a file through several software is not working fast or sometimes not at all. Also the opening of big files (over 200mb) especially .exe files from the explorer freezes the whole explorer. For example: I want to download a file in Firefox from a web page. I click on the file ( coolfile.txt ) with my right mouse button and select "Save as..." then I choose the saving location, which takes a long time just to wonder around in my directories. I've found the place where to save the coolfile.txt. I click on "Save". After releasing the mouse button whole Firefox freezes.

I am in a big need of help! If you know something about this please tell me!

Windows XP Home: SP2

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Try this...

Click Start, Control Panel, Tools, Folder options, View...

If "Automatically search for network folders and printers" is checked...

Uncheck it and try explorer again. You should see a vast improvement in speed.
This worked great! Instant improvement! You rock, thanks :D
Right-click is extremely slow only when the network card is enabled in Windows XP operating system.

We overcome this issue by removing all the un used entries in registry which is pointing to unused network locations.

Unplug the network cable/wifi
Open registry as follows.

We can do this by opening the registry and search for '\\' to find the network location entries in registry. Delete the network entries in registry which points to unused network locations.

Restart the machine and plug the network cable.

Note: Please be very careful while removing the entries in registry.