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I have a new question now.
I will have traveller /passenger names who travel frequently (or having travelled atleast once by buying tickets from our agency) in my sales report.

I have a worksheet containing names of the persons who took tickets from our agency. while creating a new invoice for a company/person...I need to type the names of the passengers under the "description" in the column B (b31:b42).
pls refer to my sales report which is located at report model.xlsa .

Is there any way to get the names of the existing travellers(who are our old customers) while typing the names in the column range b31 to b42? I mean to say...suppose that Rahul is our old customer....and I am preparing a new invoice for his new travel trip . I need to type Rahul ...while typing R..can I get "PROMPTING" for the names of the persons whose starting letter is R? I may be crazy...but it helps me a lot ...pls help..bye suryam

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Hi Suryam,

Date validation could work for you.

Create a list of the names of your old customers on a different sheets or on the bottom of your sheet or anymwhere.

Select the destination range (B31:B42), goto top menu > validate.
Below Allow choose list and below Source select the range you used for your old customers list.

Hope this helps.

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Hi , thank you very much for your help. you indeed reduced my work greatly. thanks again for your valuable solution to my question...thanks bye Mr.Suryam