Need help with Computer!

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I recently Got this computer from a school sale that my sister got me, she only could access the guest profile. The login system is novell, and the computer type is windows XP. The problem i am having is that i cant download anything or use disc or flash drives. I know it is because i dont have admin rights. ive tryed using the comand prompt net user stuff to add and change passwords, but i always get system error 5. If anyone knows how to bypass or add new profiles or something please reply. cause i really need help. please and thank you.

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You can add new profilles (If you can access it,) Is the administrator mode in safe mode, (Repeatedly press or hold F8 during start-up) However if that doesn't work than the best thing is to re-install the Operating system. That worked when i got a hard drive from a school.

Hope it Helps, good luck!!