Stuck in power safe mode while gaming

Aime - Oct 1, 2011 at 08:32 AM
 Aime - Oct 1, 2011 at 10:06 AM

While gaming my pc goes often into power save mode, after which I'm forced to reboot. After reading the forums, I've come to believe it is a hardware problem. I formatted my pc and re-installed windows and all my drivers are up to date, and still the problem persists.

The question is, how can I find out which piece of hardware is not working correctly. I've done the Hot CPU tester, and there was no problem there. So I believe the problem is not my ram or processor. So I have reason to believe it is either the graphics card (error occurs while gaming), the motherboard or the hard drive ;when I do a diagnostics (f12 a boot, then diagnostics) it goes into power save mode while scanning the hard drive at approx the same point every time. Another strange thing is that when I do the 3DMark vantage test, it also goes into power save mode at the same point (while testing the video card).

I would be very grateful if someone is able to help me with this extremely frustrating problem.

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P.s. My specs:
Dell Studio XPS 800 desktop
6 Ram 2x2 DDR SDRam and 2x1 DDR SDRam
Intel core i7 870
Nvidia GTS 240


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The temperatures in my pc are quite high, so I now suspect I may need to replace my power supply, could that be possible problem?

Can I also change settings for it like voltages etc. so that I won't need to replace it?

Thank you in advance

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