Windows's updates don't download!

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I am writing to ask you why Windows's updates doesn't download especially when I use an internet connection via a proxy server although I was using that an internet connection via same a proxy server and the Windows's updates were downloading correctly.
Note: my windows is a windows seven and when I use an internet connection without a proxy server the Windows's updates download correctly
Isn't there any ways to let Windows's updates download via the proxy server.
I check the windows updats and I find them configured that they download automatically please have a look here:
I am using IE 9 , by the way, I have not a problem with the accessing to the internet I access to the internet via the proxy server without any problem.(NOte:I know those steps you have said me and I changed the setting explorer from the option communications, then, LAN, after that, I entered the the address of proxy server) but my a probelm is only in Windows's updates don't download when I am using the internet via the proxy, however, when I access to the internet elsewhere there is no a problem and windows's update download automatically.

I would greatly appreciate if you could help me if there any solution.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
with best wishes,

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If your proxy settings are configured properly in IE then do thi

We need to configure manually to take windows updates work in proxy servers

Try this

Run command prompt as administrator,this is basic command to configure

netsh winhttp set proxy proxyname:port

You can check here