Can't click anything from the computer [Closed]

 julie2009 -
Hello, anyone can help me, cuz i had been reading the forum, it's the same problem i have now, can't access to most of the file not even internet, can't click, i only can use default system on the computer and go but can't click anything from the computer. even i did the safe mode but didn't let me restore--no restore point.
please help cuz i don't want to re-install win7, i have a lot of stuff to load if i have 2, please help
thank you

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//it's the same problem //

which one?

//Can't click anything //

Can you give us more details?
sorry for my post, cuz is first time posting in those forum, a little messing up (wrong)
is ok cuz my pc has to re-install the window, couldn't even get into any file.
thank for you reply

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