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I have XP Professional and my provider is verizon wireless with excellent signal strength. My email browser is google. Sometimes this works very well and other times (which is happening more often lately) I cannot connect to the internet or email. The message I get is: "internet explorer cannot display the webpage". I get this message if I try getting on the internet and gmail. I turn off the computer and restart it and sometimes that will work, but not always. Also I have tried shutting off the wireless router and then turning it on again and sometimes that works.
This happens both for me and my wife. I also have another computer, a laptop, and the same thing occurs.
Sometimes when trying to access gmail, it will take a long time for it to come up and then when I get it to open I can't open any of the displayed emails to read the content. Also, if I type in espn or some other site, they will open for me. I just cannot get the same sites through internet explorer. Needless to say, this is very frustrating. Does anyone else experience such problems? If so, do you have an answer?

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