Formating a column using macro [Solved/Closed]

 Kishore -
A forum member helped me in writing a macro to copy certain data from sheet one to
sheet two. I modified basic macro to suit as per my requirement. The macro condition is to copy from sheet one to sheet two by using "paste special" command (Paste spacial with values). The base data in sheet one is in different formats from one cell to another cell. For example, Cell "a" is in date format, cell "b" is in accounting format etc. Now i request some one to help me in writing another macro to change cell formats as per my cell requirements in the sheet 2. The rows in sheet two may vary from time to time.
Kindly help me in this regard.

With regards

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after pasting is done, start the macro recorder to format the numbers to your likening. once done, stop the macro. That will give you a macro that would do what you would like to do
Dear Sir

Thanks for the help. The macro is working.


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