82945g express chipset family

Ureha Masami - May 18, 2012 at 04:20 PM
 Ureha Masami - Jul 14, 2012 at 02:57 PM
Hello, Hey my name is Ureha how do i update the driver for my 82945g express chipset family video card , the version is , and everytime i play the sims 3 it keeps shutting down and saying ialmrnt5.dll is not responding something like that! so i i think the currrent ialmrnt5.dll i have is corrupted , so. i tried everything trying to replace the ialmrn5.dll by downloading a fresh one but it had a different version. i need the same version.And i tried updating on intel but the all aren't compatible wth my computer? my computer is called a optiplex dell Gx 620, and i just wanna get rid of that ialmrnt5.dll thingie so i could play the sims 3 ! plEASE HELP ME with this issue thankQ.


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May 18, 2012 at 05:06 PM
The dll looks like it's a Microsoft program:

The file ialmrnt5.dll is a critical component of a Windows operating system. It functions as an element that pertains to the proper resolution designation and the graphics quality requirement of the operations under execution. Microsoft Corporation developed the 34KB ialmrnt5.dll file, which is responsible in ensuring the interaction of the systems' video faculties with the applications' visual settings and requirements.

Microsoft Corporation published this file initially to run under Windows operating systems capable of accommodating programs and operation that require the use of the module ialmrnt5.dll. The file is strongly related to products of Intel Corporation, especially to Mobile Intel and Intel branded video cards. A video card is a peripheral device of a computer assigned to generate and manage output images for display.

The updated version of the file ialmrnt5.dll is version 6.14.0010.4543. This edition was designed to function under non-English Windows operating systems like Italian, French and Spanish systems.

A device or a software driver calibrates the supposed ability of a certain program or device and assigns the functions to be executed under a certain instance or command. In this case, the file ialmrnt5.dll is an Intel video card driver, an application that ensures that the installed video card responds to and interacts with the main system.

The ialmrnt5.dll file is widely used in applications, which demands high-resolution images and visual movement. Gaming applications make the biggest part of programs that use this file. Games widely played such as The Sims, WarCraft, and the Quake series employ the file ialmrnt5.dll in its video department.

Since the ialmrnt5.dll file is an essential component in the operating system, absence or corruption of this file could retard the quality of the images appearing onscreen. Worse, the user may experience Blue screen of Death (BSoD), which is a fatal error pertaining to the displaying properties of a computer system. To prevent this from happening, aside from making sure that the version installed is the version required by the system and program, the compatibility of the video card and driver version should also be checked and tested.

Author: Microsoft Corporation

You should be able to find a video update at the Dell support site.

Good Luck
This Was no help ! -_- i want to kno how to get rid of it :( could u please give me any advice on how to get rid of it :) thankq if u can !