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I am wanting to create a macro, if possible, that will pull only certain data from one worksheet that i get daily and paste that data on another worksheet in a different format. Is there any way to do this.

Also trying to create a MACRO for powerpoint. I have a folder for each person that has a slide for a brief and they have their own slide in each folder. Currently, Once they have updated there slide i have to manually copy and paste onto a master slide deck for the briefing. I would like a macro that would pull their slide and put them into the master slide deck in the order i want them. Not sure if either of these is possible. I have just found out about macros and want to learn.

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For your first part of question, yes it is very do able. You can get a good starting template by starting macro recorder of excel, then doing what you plan to do manually once and then stop the macro. It would give you a template that you can work from. I think same holds true for your 2nd part of question
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