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Hello, I am lost in trying to convert from CCR to SAM. I need help. Please inform me from the beginning on how to go about this switch. Thank you very much.

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In July 2012, the Central Contracting Registration (CCR) system will be replaced with a new System of Award Management (SAM). For 2012 PILT payments, registration in CCR at is still needed. The CCR help desk phone number is 866-606-8220.

If you are registered in CCR your information will be interfaced to SAM. After July, any future changes, updates and renewing your registration will need to be completed in SAM.

Additional Information:

For more information regarding the transition from CCR to SAM please go to:

The CCR help desk phone number is 866-606-8220 and CCR's website is:

In July 2012, SAM will be the primary supplier database for the U.S. Federal government. SAM collects data from suppliers, validates and stores this data, and disseminates it to various government acquisition agencies. Due to the conversion to a new Financial System (FBMS), the mandates require a valid registration in SAM.

The banking information and mailing address contained in SAM now interfaces with the Financial System from which PILT payments are issued. It is mandatory that all payment recipients (ACH or Check) register in SAM. When your county is registered with SAM, you must be sure that your banking information in SAM is current for ACH payments and the mailing address in SAM is correct if a check payment is received. If the information is not current it must be updated immediately.

In the past you have been instructed to contact NBC Denver to make banking information changes. However, since SAM now interfaces nightly with our payment system any manual banking changes that we make to our system for SAM registered counties will be overridden to match the information in SAM. When your county is registered with SAM, it is imperative that you update your banking information and your mailing address in SAM even if you have submitted changes to Denver. After this transition, PILT ACH or Check payments will be issued exclusively from the information that resides in SAM.

At this time we are requesting that you complete the SAM registration to include your DUNS (Duns and Bradstreet) number in order to continue to receive disbursements from the respective offices within the Department of the Interior.

If you have questions concerning receipt of payment please contact:
Sann Deboutez
Fiscal Service Specialist
DOI National Business Center-Denver
Accounting Operation Services Division
303-969-7281 fax

For more information on SAM please go to

For questions regarding SAM and the registration process email:

For all other PILT related questions please contact:
Niall O'Connor