Clogged yellow printhead Brother Printer MFC J615W

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Hello Members,
Can anyone help me with this problem?
How do I clean a clogged printhead?
I have a Brother MFC J615W.
Only the yellow is clogged.
It is completely clogged.
The black, cyan and magenta are just fine.
I have cleaned ithe printer multiple times and also
went into Maintenance Mode and did a Power Purge as per
Brother's advice. Nothing!!!
HELP! I just don't know where to go from here.
Is there a way to inject alcohol or windex into the yellow port to unclog it?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


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Have a look at this site for info - it may help
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This is what I did to clean the Brothers' print head. As you cannot remove this print head I added cleaning solution from my refill kit to the sponge on the left side. After the printhead passed through here a few times from turning the printer on and off the sponge got black. By opening the cover each time I would place a piece of paper towel on the sponge and with pencil I pushed the towel into the sponge to clean it off. Be very careful not to damage the thin clear and metal strips that are near by which I think move with the print head. I was also having trouble with my yellow cartridge which would just print light green. I stopped using the cleaning menu on the printer which would waste a lot of ink from the other cartridges. Turning the printer on and off seems to do some cleaning and passes the print head over the sponge. I found a yellow sheet from my wife's scrapbook stuff and made about 2 or 3 coloured copies. Each time I would go through the routine of cleaning the sponge and adding a few drops of my blue cleaning solution, just where I could see the yellow coloured strip on the sponge. I really like their method of cartridge ink levels that are shown on the screen and also full when refilled.
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I suggest that:

You take out the cartridge and gently clean the ink off with a soft cloth.
Inject a bit of isopropyl alcohol directly in the port on the printhead and let it sit for 20 minutes. Run a cleaning cycle and do a test print. If it helps, but does not clear it, print an entire sheet with yellow. You can google "yellow printer target".

If you are still not getting a perfect result, repeat the alcohol cleaning, making sure to let it sit to dissolve the ink.

You have to have a bit of ingenuity to inject the cleaner. Use a hypodermic and small tube, or an anti-freeze tester or similar mechanism to pump in the alcohol. This usually works.
I have the same problem, this is what I do.
Position the printhead in the middle of the slider
The trick copy of any object.
at half the process, unplug the power Sourge.
prepare a paper towel that has been wet with alcohol or cleaning,
wipe the printhead with a paper towel.
wipe up a few times.
once is enough to clean the printhead in a position to return home
Restart the printer.
do cleaning
do ink-aligntment
May be useful
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