My laptop microphone doesnt work

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I use internet calling but my laptop microphone doesnt seem to be working anymore, when I phone, I can hear people but they cant hear me, please help...

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Check if the microphone options have been activated in the audio options. First thing to do is to go to the Control Panel and go to the Voice tab Test the hardware. If the hardware still does not work, you can choose the option to check the manufacturer's model of the laptop and refer to their website for these type of problems.
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this workeddddd
all aspire series have the same problem u contact customer care by mail or tke ur laptop 10 mins thy clear it
Found this answer on the Toshiba laptop forum - it may help. Please follow the link -

Then carefully follow the instructions provided
Thank You, this worked!! I also have a Toshiba. Thank you again!!!
unable to hear otheres voice on cal from gtalk pl give me solution.
My microphone was apparently "currently unavailable" so I tried to figure out why. I realized it was because I didn't restart my computer after it updated. I have a HP Pavilion g7 with Windows 8. I'm not sure if it applies to all Windows types but it's worth a try. Basically go to where you have your system updates, and see if you need to restart your computer. For Windows 8, you go to PC Settings and go down to Windows Update. Then you press Restart Now. After it's finished, your microphone should be working.