Need 4 Drivers for HP Pavilion 500-b23w Windows 7 Pro 32-bit

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After three long days and only a couple hours of sleep, I have finally gotten my new computer up and running again with Windows 7 (I replaced Windows 8 with Windows 7 since my clients software only works with Windows 7). After many agonizing hours, I find that I am missing four drivers ... and it just happens to be the drivers that allow me to access the internet!

I need the following:
* Ethernet Controller - Realtek PCIe Family network controller
(this is the most important part to me! My work requires ethernet connection - NO WIRELESS allowed)
* Network Controller - Atheros wireless LAN adapter Network Controller
* SM Bus Controller
* Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

I have been directed to the HP suggested drivers for this system, but Windows 7 rejected them since they are designed for Windows 8. I went back to the HP website and downloaded the appropriate drivers for Window 7 (32-bit). I downloaded them to CD, then placed the CD into the new desktop. I ran setup for each driver ... once completed, the drivers are still not installed for the hardware. I was adviced that they would auto-install.

I looked under device manager at Network Controller Driver Detail - it states there is no driver installed (CODE 28) ... it should have Atheros Wireless Network Controller Driver. I try to install from device manager by clicking Update Driver. I click UPDATE DRIVER - BROWSE MY COMPUTER - SEARCH in C;\SWSetup\SP48755 - ENTER
Then I get ... Windows was unable to install your network controller. Windows could not find your driver software for your device.

* Then I get to the Realtek Network Controller Driver ... I never even get through the setup for this one. At the end it states, THE UPDATE DID NOT COMPLETE SUCCESSFULLY. (259)

I am at my wits end. This started with my laptop crashing a few days ago ... and $400 later - I do not have any $$$ left to hire anyone for this. Since I am a 1099 employee, this is an expense that is totally on me - I do not have technical support for my hardware thru work ... just the software that the client uses. I am a single Mom of 6 (my husband passed away about a year ago). I have already missed three days of work because of the laptop/desktop problems - and was told yesterday if I am not up and running by Monday, then I will be released from my contract (in other words - FIRED)! With six children, I cannot afford to lose my job!!! Please keep in mind that although I am quite intelligient about many things, when it comes to computers (have three college degrees) - I am beginning to think I am seriously "challenged"! PLEASE - can someone help me!!!!! Like I said, it must be something that I do not understand and am not doing correctly, but I just do not know what! If someone could help me with step-by-step instructions - I would be really appreciative!!! I do so hope that this is resolved soon ... I am really tired and need some sleep.

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Jan 5, 2014 at 10:34 PM
You did exactly what I would have done. What you might try is to download drivers from a like Motherboard. It's possible that HP uses a BIOSTAR motherboard for this AMD CPU. I suspect the RTL8106E-CG realtek chip listed on the HP website matches this BIOSTAR A58ML motherboard. I suggest you download the 7.065.1025.2012 driver from this website:

Good Luck