How to get rid of Linux for an absolute Newbie

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My husband installed Lubuntu on my computer and erased my Windows. I hate it, I want to delete Linux and install Windows again. My husband has a burned install CD that he used to put Linux on my comp and I have the original acer windows upgrade cd my laptop came with. I have read half a dozen tutorials on removing linux and just cant access the screens Im told to access.

I put in the burned linux cd and restart the comp. I get the brief acer start up screen (with options to press f2 to enter setup or f12 to change boot order... I tried both of those but couldnt figure out what to do in those screens.) When I let that screen pass I get the linux startup options screen, there are various options like starting up from the local hard disk, etc. None of these options mention the command prompt or starting up from the boot disk... I dont know how to even get to the command prompt to follow the directions I searched up here:

What am I doing wrong? What do I need to do (from the moment I restart the comp absolute beginning) to get rid of this god-awful thing?

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Feb 14, 2014 at 12:39 PM
The F12 change boot order is what you use to modify the computer to start from the CD drive. I don't know what the ACER restore options are. But, it's worth a try to just start the laptop with the restore disk and hope the restore process can reformat the Linux partitions. What you want to do is:
1. put the ACER restore CD in the laptop and start the computer
2. press F12 and change the boot to the CD drive
3. that should start the restore process or allow you to restart the PC
4. follow the screen instructions

If the entire drive was reformatted for Linux then the restore partition would have been deleted and there is no way to "restore". The only option would be to buy a new copy of Windows.

Good Luck