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Hello fellow Nexus 7 owners,

I have a Nexus 7, unmofied, & still with the factory OS (Android 4.2 "Jelly Bean", I believe)

I want to create an eBook on my PC, then transfer the eBook/file to the N7, and share it with friends.

So far, (this has been an on-again & off-again project) I've created my eBook on my PC using MS Word 2010 which allowed me to save the eBook/file as a .PDF file. This is only as far as I've gotten with this project. What would be a good way to proceed with getting the file onto the N7? (Where on the N7 should it go? How can I share it?)

{I'm an old timer in the PC arena, but fairly new to mobile/portable devices}

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Mar 1, 2014 at 09:06 PM
You are on the right path, from a static point of view.

You just might need a third party app to bluetooth the file to your device. go to your app stor and look for a bluetooth app.

I must disclose that I am a communications person, not an OS type. Please remember that bluetooth is a standard.

If you can get the file to a bluetooth device; it will happen. I am saying this as I understand that your PC 99% does not have bluetooth device. try usb to a mobile, then bluetooth the file?

Have FUN!