Best management programs: alternatives to Microsoft Project

Best management programs: alternatives to Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a well-known program for the management of large projects, that allows one to make GANTT charts and PERT diagrams on a work plan, as well as to foresee the resources that will be allocated to it. Fortunately, there are currently free options similar to Microsoft Project that also offer good results. In this article, you will find the 10 best alternatives to Microsoft Project without spending a cent.

Gantt Project

This GPL (General Public License) licensed application is one of the best-known thanks to its ease of use on both Windows and Mac OS. Basically, Gantt Project offers you all the options needed to create Gantt charts, reports in HTML and PDF format and many other resources to facilitate the management of medium and large projects.

gantt project
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You can download the Gantt Project by clicking here.


Linux is one of the most extensive operating systems among the experts in project management, that's why a growing number of people are interested in KPlato, an app that comes as standard in the KOffice Project. With KPlato you will be able to create Gantt charts, preview resources, set calendars, etc.

You can download the KPlato here.


Trac is a web program inspired by wiki technology and with a minimalist design, created to monitor projects. Among its strengths are its intuitive design to create tasks, files, pages and even links. Its main weakness is that it has less power than other similar programs.

You can download the Trac by clicking here.


The key to NetOffice is that it focuses especially on time management. With NetOffice you can use the classic tools of any project management software, using graphics with professional aesthetics and coordinating teams thanks to its system for sharing all kinds of projects and information.

You can download the NetOffice here.


This open-source program (GPL license) is based on the PHP system, so it is easy to work on different modules (companies, projects, tasks...) using Gantt charts. One of the strengths of DotProject is the way it combines forums, calendar, files and digital boards. It is compatible with Windows and Linux.

You can download the DotProject here.


It is a very powerful tool with a GPL (public) license that works on Linux and is ideal for managing project costs, resources and tasks. TaskJuggler includes its own templates, it allows you to generate Gantt charts with a very well achieved appearance, but without a doubt the best thing about this program is its intuitive and simple design.

To download the TaskJuggler, click here.


ProjectLibre is an application designed to manage a project from its “embryonic” phase until after its completion, that is, during the whole process. Among the advantages of this program are its various analysis tools such as Gantt, WBS/RBS charts, network diagrams, resource histograms and more.

You can download the ProjectLibre by clicking on this link.


Todoist is one of the most popular task and project management tools. You can manage up to 80 projects with up to 5 people in each for free. The software is highly customizable, so you can plan your days, weeks and months as you wish, prioritizing the most important tasks. It also has a mobile app for Android and iOS, so you can easily manage your work life on the go.

todoist app
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You can download the Todoist by clicking here.


The 2-plan, a modular application that allows you to manage multiple projects and coordinate teams efficiently, has gained a lot of popularity. It has Scrum and Kanban task boards, Gantt charts, a project tracking system and many other tools that help you to monitor the progress of the project easily and indicate the priority of each task.

You can download the 2-plan software here.


Airtable is an application for small and big teams that enables users to simply create graphic schemes, diagrams and timelines for effective work. Among the resources of this software are its collaborative tools. It allows you to share forums, documents, calendars, files, etc. You can also choose the most suitable template and link your other work apps, such as Slack, Google Docs and many more.

You can download the Airtable here.

Note: If you are looking for a project management software for a large company or a corporation, read this article.

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